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Job ID - J008013
Salary - Negotiable
Digital Transformation & Support

Description of the Job

The Role will focus on (1) the provision of a tool to support the tracking of archived documents for Wing Engineering (2) the provision of digital tools to support resource tracking, analysis and prediction and (3) the provision of tools to support the assessment of competence within the Wing Engineering Organisation.

Tasks and Accountabilities

Digital Database - develop a digital toolset to replace existing excel "guerrilla" tools. The toolset will enable the Wing Engineering Competence and Resource team to combine data from other databases in order to make informed resource and competence development decisions using data from SAP; i-bridge; Finance; ECM

ECM - develop toolset to present competence assessment data in an automatic suite of charts and tables to enable its analysis and presentation to Heads of Engineering for Airbus European sites. Combine data-sets with the other digital data available where appropriate.

Wichita - incorporate data from competence assessment for Airbus Wichita

User Manuals - document all of the toolsets and processes developed for the above to Airbus Standards

Required Skills
Excel including VBA
Database management
General programming experience, particularly in the scope of data science and analytics.
Languages we prefer: Python, Spark, R. Web languages can be added value as well.
Be familiar with visualisation tools such as Spotfire, Tableau, Qliksense.
Apply established techniques used to find trends in KPI based and raw time series data.
Apply novel data analytics approaches, experimenting with less established data analytics techniques to offer predictive models
Excellent communication and presentation skills

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Job Type - Contract
Contact - Alf Mills